Updated details for parents and pupils attending the lessons

  1. Arrive at the swimming pool 5 minutes before your lesson.
  2. Enter through the front door only please.
  3. Please remove your shoes and place in the rack provided or carry them with you.
  4. Enter the pool via the fire door on the left hand side of the entrance hall. Only 1 adult per child may enter the swimming pool area. Follow the arrows.
  5. Please find a seat observing social distancing guidelines and wait for your teacher to call your name.
  6. Adults please use a face covering. If you are swimming with your child the face covering should be removed prior to entering the water.
  7. After your lesson please exit through the changing rooms or by one of the glass doors at the side of the pool.
  8. You may use the changing room but the showers are not in use.
  9. Please select a changing room peg marked with a green label to maintain social distancing.
  10. Leave the changing room via the stairs following the exit arrows.
  11. During the lesson you may sit outside the pool without a face covering but should you wish to enter the pool this must be through the front door.
  12. Toilets will be open but please remember social distancing.

Please note: The polyotter classes and students unable to swim 5m will require a parent/ guardian to be in the water with them. Cleaning will be going on at various times due to covid-19 so please be patient. Any problems please speak to Barry on the pool side.

Our appointed covid 19 officer is Barry. Please direct all queries and concerns to him via the web contact page.

The following is the current operational requirements as stated by the Government.

  • Social distancing must be observed throughout the whole process, from entry to the swimming pool facility, changing rooms, during the lessons, post swim changing and exiting the facility.
  • All people must be 2 metres apart, excluding same household members
  • Inform parents / guardians and swimmers that if they or a member of their household have a cold, fever, anosmia or any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 they are not to enter the swimming facility or attend swimming lessons. They should self-isolate for two weeks, therefore, are not permitted to attend swimming lessons for two weeks.

Before recommencing lessons, encourage all swimmers and their parents / guardians to download the Government’s
COVID tracing app to assist in tracing cases and notifying impacted individuals’

As you will appreciate to conform to the governments requirements we do need to modify our operational procedures.

Payment and documentation

  1. Course costs have to be paid in full prior to commencing the lessons except by special arrangement. Please go to the payment page for ways to pay.
  2. Unfortunately we will no longer have the facility to accept cash or cheques except by special arrangement.
  3. The ‘registration and Covid 19 trace details’ form needs to be completed as soon as possible to ensure a place. Please fill out the form below.
  4. All new students need to fill in the extra student form. Please go to the lessons page to download the form

Registration & Covid-19 Trace details

Please fill in the form below to register your place.